Shower Sprays, Components & Fittings Guide

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  • Shower Components

    Showerheads, handshowers, rain showerheads and bodysprays–think of these as the hardware that delivers the spray function or functions you want to experience. Find one that’s right for you or combine multiple components for a personalized experience.

  • Shower Components


    PRIMARY TARGET Head, shoulders, back and face
    MULTIFUNCTION Rinsing, massaging and soothing
    BEST FOR Rinsing hair and body cleansing REQUIRED Showerarm (shown)       

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  • Shower Components


    PRIMARY TARGET Whole body
    MULTIFUNCTION Rinsing, massaging and soothing
    BEST FOR Targeting a particular area of the body, rinsing kids, bathing pets and cleaning the space

    RECOMMENDED Slidebar, supply elbow, wall Bracket

    REQUIRED Shower hose  

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  • Shower Components


    PRIMARY TARGET Whole body
    FUNCTION Soothing
    BEST FOR Relaxing, spa like experience
    REQUIRED Showerarm (shown) 

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  • Shower Components


    PRIMARY TARGET Shoulders, back or feet
    FUNCTION Massaging
    BEST FOR Relieving sore muscles 

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  • Shower Components


    If you would like to combine a number of components, but don’t want the hassle of choosing and matching individual pieces, consider a prepackaged shower system.      

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