Shower Sprays, Components & Fittings Guide

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  • Shower Spray Functions

    Sprays are designed to achieve a particular function, whether it’s to provide an experience of overall coverage and excellent rinsing, to massage your muscles or to offer gentle, even soothing, cleansing. It’s important to know what type of function you’re looking for, so you choose a spray that delivers.

  • Shower Spray Functions

    Rinsing Sprays

    • Take you from foggy to focused 
    • Best for rinsing shampoo from hair
    • Experience saturating spray
    • Availabel on single-function and multi-function showerheads,handshowers and rain showerheads
    • KOHLER Types: Katalyst® full coverage


    Watch: Rinsing Sprays

  • Shower Spray Functions

    Massaging Sprays

    • Take you from sore to serene
    • Best for easing sore muscles and rejuvenation
    • Experience targeted pressure and moving sprays
    • Available on multifunction showerheads and handshowers
    • KOHLER Types: Targeted massage, invigorating massage


    Watch: Massaging Sprays


  • Shower Spray Functions

    Soothing Sprays

    • Take you from spent to confident
    • Best for Delicate skin and stress relief
    • Experience gentle, silky sprays
    • Available on multifunction showerheads and handshowers
    • KOHLER Types: Intense drenching, silk, drenching rain


    Watch: Smoothing Sprays


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