Shower Sprays, Components & Fittings Guide

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  • Shower Fittings

    The unsung heroes of making your shower more versatile, fittings help you configure your showering space in smart ways. These small components allow you to stretch the benefits of your shower.

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  • Shower Fittings


    Most showerheads require, but do not come with a showerarm. They come in a variety of finishes and styles–universal and matched to faucet lines. 

  • Shower Fittings


    Shower columns turn your shower into a spa like retreat without having to go behind the wall to reroute plumbing or change out the valve. The column mounts to existing plumbing. This means you simply remove the old showerarm and replace it with the shower column to create a custom shower experience. HydroRail® is Kohler’s name for shower columns

  • Shower Fittings


    Easy-to-operate sliding bracket and bar allows you to adjust the height of the handshower for individual users, adults or children. 

    Slidebar with Integrated Supply Elbow
    This reduces the number of components on the wall and creates a simple, streamlined look 

  • Shower Fittings


    EThis component allows the handshower to be used in larger showering environments, providing both the water supply and a bracket


  • Shower Fittings


    The length of shower hose to choose (60" or 72") depends on the task at hand and size of the shower. Ribbon hoses are light and quiet, smooth hoses wipe clean with ease and metal hoses are premium and long-lasting


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