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  • Bath Features

    Specialized hydrotherapies and upgrade features on a bath are what drive the bathing experience. From air jets to heated backs, bathtubs can offer more than a simple soak. Explore the various options to discover the right combination of features that delivers your dream bathing experience.

  • Soaking Baths

    Soaking Baths

    A soaking, or standard, bath is designed with deep bathing wells and ergonomic contours shaped to hold the body for comfortable, deep soaking. You can enhance your soaking experience by choosing a bath that features one or more hydrotherapies and upgrade features. 

  • Hydrotherapies

    Hydrotherapies harness water’s natural ability to enhance well-being and give you the benefits of a spa treatment in the comfort of your home, so you feel centered and energized–your best self. The technology behind hydrotherapies combines air and water or sound and water to address specific areas of the body as well as provide a full-body experience.

  • Hydrotherapies


    Air baths offer a full-body massage experience. Kohler air baths are BubbleMassage baths. Purge cycles remove residual water from air channels after use to keep the system clean. 

    BubbleMassage Baths
    BubbleMassage hydrotherapy delivers thousands of bubbles that thoroughly support and massage your body for an invigorating, blissful experience. The system is hygienic and easy to clean, featuring automatic and manual purge cycles.

  • Hydrotherapies


    A targeted, powerful hydro-massage and consistent water temperature helps reduce tension and soothe sore muscles. An inline water heater and pump keep the water warm. 

    Effervescence Baths
    Thousands of tiny, champagne like bubbles travel slowly along the body, retaining their temperature and creating a warm embrace and a serene experience.

  • Hydrotherapies


    This hydrotherapy experience infuses water with sound vibrations that resound throughout your core, delivering unprecedented relaxation. You can use preprogrammed rhythms or your own music selection. This is Kohler’s exclusive hydrotherapy called VibrAcoustic®. 

  • Hydrotherapies


    Selected models offer combination hydrotherapies. The hydrotherapy experiences are operated from separate keypads, so you can control each one independently. 

    Available combination hydrotherapies

    • Whirlpool + Effervescence baths
    • VibrAcoustic + BubbleMassage baths
    • Whirlpool + BubbleMassage baths
  • Bath Upgrades

    Along with specialized hydrotherapies, upgrades can add extra comfort to your bathing experience. With added warmth, soothing color therapy, and your favorite playlist, you sink into complete relaxation.

  • Bath Upgrades


    • Warms your neck, shoulders and back as you bathe
    • Three heat settings allow you to adjust to the perfect temperature
    • Takes away the chill to extend bathing time
    • Bask™ is the name of the KOHLER heated surface
  • Bath Upgrades


    • Based on the psychology of color, chromotherapy lets you choose one of eight colors or transition through the entire cycle
    • Cool colors like blue and green are thought to soothe the body and mind, while a warm color like red is said to energize and revitalize
  • Bath Upgrades


    • Surrounds you with music as you bathe
    • Features two speakers built into the sides of the bath
    • Streams music from any device enabled with BLUETOOTH® wireless technology

    • An additional 12 jets and chromatherapy offer the complete spa experience to remove stress and tension from your neck and back
    • Available on baths that feature the Whirlpool + Effervescence hydrotherapy combination
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